About Us

Airlitec is a company specializing in industrial measurement and particularly in flow measurement. Thanks to its staff trained in different measurement techniques, it can respond very quickly to any request for measurement of air flow, gas, steam or liquid.

Responsiveness is our strong point. Our proposals and solutions are in the vast majority of cases provided in less than 24 hours. Manufacturing times are short, usually one to two weeks, but for the most complex materials, delays may be longer.

If the proposed solution requires verification on site, we can also offer loan equipment with purchase option if expected performance is proved.

The proposed equipment is guaranteed for two years from the date code printed on the identification label. Defective equipment is always returned to the factory for analysis. Following this analysis, it is either repaired or exchanged for free if the failure is related to the manufacturer’s warranty. Otherwise, if the failure is related to a problem of installation or commissioning, a quote is systematically provided for repair or exchange.

For the installation, we offer telephone support and possibly a visit on site in case of difficulty.


Airlitec is a limited liability company with a capital of € 40.000. It specializes in industrial measurement.

Particular know-how is given to the measurement of volume or mass flow of gas, steam and liquid.

Created in 2009, it provides today answer to inquiries from many customers located all over France.

With over thirty years’ experience in the world of instrumentation, Airlitec members can provide relevant and fast solutions in fields as varied as flow, pressure measurement, or temperature measurement.

Our goals

  • Propose adapted and individual solutions to each industrial problem.

  • Provide quick solutions and products with the best value for our customers

  • Work with leading suppliers

  • Place quality and safety as main priority

Our applications

Airlitec specializes in the measurement of flows for liquid, steam or gases.
Our main applications are:

Airlitec est spécialisée dans la mesure de débits liquides, vapeurs ou gaz.
Nos applications principales sont :

  • Compressed air measurement

  • Ventilation and Air-conditioning

  • Aeration and cooling monitoring

  • Drying

  • Air Gas Burners

  • Consumption of water and steam

  • Test bench for oil, gasoline and kerosene

  • Flow regulation of paint, glue, mastic

  • Odorisation

  • And many other applications

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