Airlitec specializes in the measurement of flows for liquid, steam or gases.

Our main applications are:
  • Compressed air measurement
  • Ventilation and Air-conditioning
  • Aeration and cooling monitoring
  • Drying
  • Air Gas Burners
  • Consumption of water and steam
  • Test bench for oil, gasoline and kerosene
  • Flow regulation of paint, glue, mastic
  • Odorisation
  • And many other applications
Plantas Industriales

Our Applications


For air or gas measurement applications, several technologies are available. More and more, the thermal mass solution is becoming very popular because it offers a measurement directly compensated for pressure and temperature.


For the measurement of liquid, many technologies exist.
At the simplest and cheapest one, we choose the float flowmeters that require no power supply. Reading is direct.


For steam measurement, we recommend Pitot tubes, which are pressure-reducing devices with very low pressure drop. They can be installed in pipes from DN50 to DN500 and even more if needed.

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