MagFlux A

The flowmeter MagFlux A is an electromagnetic flowmeter for measuring flow of liquids having a conductivity greater than 3 µs and a flow velocity below 10 meters per second. The Magflux A is particularly suited to the following applications:

  • Water and Wastewater
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • Mine, cement and minerals
  • Cellulose and paper
  • Steel
  • Utilities and Energy sectors.

The Magflux A exists in soft and hard rubber, PTFE or other coatings on request. Available pipe connections are flanges DIN, ANSI, JIS or clamped for sanitary applications. The Magflux A is available in nominal diameters from DN15 to DN600 with the possibility of larger dimensions on request. The maximum pressure is 250 bars with rubber coating and the maximum temperature is 180°C with PTFE coating.

Magflux M1 Transmitter:

  • High-speed signal processing by 16-bit Microcontroller
  • Easy multilingual menu navigation with a two-line display (Option)
  • Self-monitoring system
  • Internal simulation for all output values
  • Analog output (0/4-20 mA)
  • Digital outputs (pulse, frequency, alarm, forward and reverse flow, MIN / MAX flow rate)
  • User settings protected by user definable password

Magflux F5

The flowmeter MagFlux F5 is an electromagnetic flowmeter suitable for very low flows and dosing applications. The measuring tube is made of zirconium oxide and is highly resistant to corrosion and temperature. The measurement ranges are extremely low, from 0 to 5l/h for continuous field measurements and 0 to 3l/h for measurements of alternating fields.

The minimum conductivity of liquids can be very low: 10 μS / cm for measurements in continuous fields and 0.1 μS/cm for measurements in alternating fields. Measuring range 3 to 4000l/h.

Magflux S

The flowmeter MagFlux S is an electromagnetic flowmeter very compact and very lightweight.

It is particularly suited for measurement applications of clean water and wastewater, industrial and food applications requiring a compact product. Avalaible pipe connections: from DN15 to DN100. The conductivity of the liquid must be greater than 20μs/cm2.