This new sensor is perfectly suited for ventilation and air conditioning applications. Simple to use, easy to install, it allows the measurement of air flow up to 20m/s and the measurement of the temperature from 0 to 60°C.


Air flow sensor with On/Off Output (isolated contact). The SS20.200 is ideal for detecting the flow of air under atmospheric pressure. Particularly suitable for detecting low air flow (0,1m/s). Dust resistant and easy to install.


The sensor SS20.250 is particularly effective in the areas of ventilation and cleanroom. Thanks to its wide measurement range from “almost zero” to the maximum value, it can be used in many applications where quick and accurate detection is needed. Very compact and easy to assemble.


Designed for air monitoring in HVAC applications, SS20.260 can measure flow and temperature of the air. it is compact and easy to install.


The SS20.261 flowmeter is designed for compressed air applications. Rugged and compact, it can be used up to 8 bars of pressure, min. velocity detection is 0,2m/s and max. velocity is 90 m/s.


The SS20.400 flow sensor is designed for clean room applications for which the safety of operation is very important and for which the detection of the direction of the air flow is essential.


The SS20.415 air flow sensor is ideal for clean room applications and the pharmaceutical industry. It allows precise measurement of the airflow and thus to protect the products from any contamination.


The SS20.500 is ideal for measuring air, nitrogen and some other gases. The SS20.500 can measure temperature to an independant extra output. Operational up to 35m/s, 85°C and 10 bars pressure.


Ideal for industrial applications in air or gas, the thermal mass sensor has following features:

  • ATEX Zone 2 Gas (II 3G Ex nA IIC T4 Gc)
  • Temperature up to 120°C and pressure up to 40 bar
  • Remote version and length on demand
  • Velocity up to 200 m/s with possibility to customize range with minimum 0,1m/s step
  • 1% accuracy with certificate of calibration ISO
  • Can be used for different gases, such as Methane, Biogas, CO2, Hydrogen, Oxygen and mix gas.


The Schmidt SS20.651 flow sensor has been developed for the measurement of air and gas at high temperatures. The main applications are control of burners, drying processes and any application of air flow measurement up to 350°C.


The Schmidt SS20.700 flow sensor is the perfect solution for extremely intensive industrial applications. It can be used for a wide range of applications, such as monitoring compressed air, monitoring gases on process burners or recording gas consumption. This probe records the flow velocity from 0,1 m/s to 220 m/s and the temperature of the medium up to 120°C. It can be used in small pipes from DN 40 and has a probe length up to 600 mm for measuring the volume flow in large pipes. The sensor can be used for overpressures up to 16 bar.

Débitmètre SS 20.700

MD 10.010

The Display unit MD 10.010 or MD 10.015 can be connected to any sensor from Schmidt Technology SS20.xxx series. Any other sensor with 4-20mA output can also be connected. Robust (IP65) and easy to install, it is made for conversion of velocity (m/s) to flow (for example m3/h).

The MD 10.010 offers one sensor input, two alarm relays, one auxiliary output and sensor power supply. The MD 10.015 offers in addition a second sensor input and calculation of the consumption.