Flowmax 44i

The ultrasonic flowmeter Flowmax 44i is based on the principle of measurement by a phase difference between a transmitted wave by a ultrasonic transmitter and receiver in a flowing fluid. The difference of phase between the wave emitted in the direction of the fluid and that emitted in the opposite direction is directly proportional of the flow. The ultrasonic flowmeter Flowmax 44i is made for the measurement of conductive or non-conductive liquid. It is used for water, demineralized water, lotions, cosmetics, food liquid, toxics and aggressive products, acid or alkaline products,…


  • No contact with liquid
  • No wearing parts
  • Very good repetability (<0.5%)
  • Compact and precise (+-1%)
  • Flow : 0.3 to 240l/mn
  • Pressure : up to 16 bars
  • Power supply : 24vdc
  • Outputs : 4-20mA and pulses
  • Dosing function
  • Empty pipe detection

Flowmax 54i

Thanks to the ultrasonic technology adopted on this device, the Flowmax 54i allows the measurement of conductive or non-conductive liquids. The flow ranges is given from 5 to 900 l/min in four sizes : DN25, DN32, DN40 and DN50. No moving parts. Thanks to a specific design which minimizes dead space over the whole geometry of the tube. All parts in contact with the media are in PE-HD. This flowmeter is particularly suitable for the measurement of fluids such as : demineralized water, care lotions, cosmetic and food liquids, acidic or alkaline fluids.


  • No contact with the fluid
  • No moving parts
  • Accuracy : +-2% of reading, option +-1%
  • Repetability : <=0.5%
  • Range : 5 to 900 l/mn
  • Pressure : up to 10 bars max.
  • Dosing function
  • Empty pipe detection

Flowmax 400i

The flowmeters of the series Flowmax® are designed to measure liquid flow. The Flowmax® is particularly suitable fo dynamic processes in closed conduits with automation.

The Flowmax® 400i has no moving parts and no wear. It is based on ultrasonic technology.

All parts having contact with the medium are in PFA (Teflon). Therefore the Flowmax® 400i can be used in highly alkaline environments, toxic and / or aggressive as concentrated acids and bases.

The CIP processes or SIP type are possible. The result of the measurement is provided on a pulse output and a current output (4-20 mA) programmable. All parameters of the flow meter can be individually configured with the PC software and a FlowSoft® “USBtoRS485” converter. Air bubbling is checked and empty pipe detection is available as an alarm.

The end connections of Flowmax® 400i are free of seal and use flare technology or NPT screw-type.


  • Accuracy : 1% +-3mm/s
  • Diameter : DN7 3/8” (0,5-100 ml/s – 0,03-6 l/min.)
      DN10 1/2” (5-400 ml/s – 0,3-24 l/min.)
    1. DN15 3/4” (15-1000 ml/s – 0,9-60 l/min.)
    1. DN20 1” (20-2000 ml/s – 1,2-120 l/min.)
  • Hydraulic connection : Flare or NPT
  • Electric connection : M12 : 5 or 8 pins or teflon cable 10 pins.