Turbine Flowmeter HM

The turbine flow meters HM are volumetric meters. With a wheel housed in a tube, the turbine flow meter records the number of revolutions made during the fluid flow. The number of turns is directly proportional to the average velocity of the medium passing through the tube section. We can thus deduce a volume flow.

The measuring range of flow meters is 0.03 HM to 25000 liters / min, the viscosity between 0.8 and 100mm2 / s.

Maximum pressure of 5600 bars Temperature: -273 ° C to 350 ° C and repeatability <0.1%

Application: natural water or demineralized water, oils, fuels, solvents, cryogenic liquids, pharmaceutical products.

Gear Flowmeter ZHM

ZHM gear flowmeters are volumetric meters. The measuring chamber contains two gears in contact with the liquid. The space between the teeth is perfectly defined. A sensor is counting the number of tours of the wheel. Base on that, we can deduce a volumetric flow. The measuring range is between 0002 and 1000 liters / min, the viscosity of the liquid between 5 and 25,000 mm2 / s.

Pressure: 1000 bar max temperature: -40 to 180 ° C and repeatability <0.1%
Applications: varnishes, waxes, glues, PVC, resin, poly-acetate, oils, greases, fuels…

Micro Flowmeter LFM

The micro-flow flowmeters LFM are based on double ring technology piston. The two ring pistons are connected together and set in motion by the liquid.

LFM flow meters are designed to measure micro-flow for liquids with low viscosity for dosing and filling operation.

The measuring range is between 0.005 and 0.25 liters / min. The viscosity is between 0.6 and 5mm2 / s.

Pressure: 100 bar max temperature: -40 to 150 ° C and linearity <2.5%

Applications: additives, pharmaceuticals, flavorings, aromatic substances, micro-flow in general…

Helical Flowmeter SRZ

The SRZ helical screw flowmeters are volumetric meters with two cycloidal screws with overlapping profiles. The fluid flows along the stems and rotates the spindles. A magnetic toothed wheel fixed to the main axis measures the velocity of the fluid and therefore its volume.

The measuring range is between 0.01 and 400 liters / min, the viscosity of the liquid between 1 and 1000000mm2 / s.

Pressure: 400 bar max temperature: -40 to 150 ° C and repeatability <0.1%

Applications: polyurethanes, polymers, adhesives, sealing, heavy oils, petrochemicals, fats, oils…